About our collection

Centralny Dom Qultury (Central Qltural Center) doesn’t exist anymore, but what is left, is a lot more than just good memories. What we have now is a series of recorded concerts, magic moments captured on collectible albums. CDQ existed for almost 15 years. It was a unique place up and running during a special era. Those who were able to participate in the events at the club should consider themselves lucky – they have memories enriched with the greatest soundtrack full of reggae, punk, rock, ska, electronic music, pop, indie, rap. But this album collection is not only a buzz for sentimental fools. It’s also a treat for all music fans. It’s a well known fact that shows in small clubs are a totally different vibe than those in huge venues or stadiums. They are more intimate, genuine, honest.

All titles are published in limited edition of 1000 items.